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www.jlindquist.net/generalmicro:  These are general bacteriology lab-oriented pages I have built up over the years, and most were originally on the old Bacteriology 102 site at www.bact.wisc.edu/bact102 (back in the dark ages) and then briefly at www.splammo.net/bact102. (The latter site has been "retired" except for certain pages of subject matter which are occasionally updated.) Click here for the frequently updated index.

www.jlindquist.net/microbiology102:  With the Microbiology 102 course taking a break from the use of Learn@UW for "Course News" and "Content," this site gathered updates and links to the resources in a more convenient format. The home page for its last semester (Spring, 2014) is here. For the 2014 Summer Session, the course reverts to using Learn@UW.

www.jlindquist.net/bread:  This (not the entire jlindquist.net domain as some search engines would have it) is my totally unofficial and unauthorized "Breadsite" which is a US/UK discography of Bread-related items plus concert photos, reviews & commentary by myself and others.

www.jlindquist.net/concertphotos:  This is a collection of photos (indexed here) other than those associated with Bread or the events at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa which are on different pages. For the Surf Ballroom events, click here and here.

www.jlindquist.net/ebfredhall:  This is a stalled-in-development site tentatively titled "Adventures in Fred Hall" which (so far) just has the October, 2002 Acid Spill. (Demolition photos are on www.jlindquist.com and start here.)

Possibly more sites to come!

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