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Founded by Cindy Edwards, Quirko is a vibrant online platform that aims to inspire creativity, celebration of individuality, and the pursuit of unforgettable memories. With a wealth of experience in design and a keen eye for innovative ideas, Cindy Edwards has forged a path unique to Quirko. As the founder, she envisioned a platform where people could gain inspiration, explore their artistic potential, and find unconventional solutions to their creative endeavors.


Our mission at Quirko is to ignite the spark of ingenuity within each individual, thereby encouraging innovative thinking, celebrating diversity, and fostering a sense of togetherness. We strive to establish Quirko as the go-to destination for anyone seeking unrivaled inspiration, craft ideas, and unique solutions for various creative projects.


Quirko envisions a world where creativity knows no limits. We aspire to build a community of individuals who embrace their distinctiveness, share their unique perspectives, and engage with creativity fearlessly. Our vision is to transform the mundane into extraordinary by providing individuals with the tools, ideas, and inspiration they need to leave lasting impressions through their creativity.


Quirko was established in 2015 by Cindy Edwards, who relied on her extensive experience in design and her passion for all things creative to shape the platform. With an intimate understanding of the struggles individuals face in the pursuit of their creative endeavors, Cindy sought to bridge the gap between imagination and execution. Quirko has since evolved from a personal passion project into a beloved online sanctuary for design enthusiasts across the globe.

Founder – Cindy Edwards

Cindy Edwards, the visionary behind Quirko, is a trailblazer in the field of design. Her innate ability to think outside the box, mix and match various design trends, and embrace the unconventional has set her apart as a true industry disruptor. Cindy’s dedicated approach to fostering creativity and uniqueness among individuals shines through Quirko’s ethos. With her expertise and acumen, she ensures that Quirko remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving creative landscape.

Website Objective

At Quirko, our foremost objective is to serve as a limitless source of inspiration for individuals from all walks of life. Whether you’re a professional artist seeking innovative techniques or a hobbyist looking to explore your creative side, Quirko has something for everyone. Our platform brings together a diverse range of creative ideas, DIY projects, design trends, and craft inspirations from popular blogs, magazines, and our talented team of experienced editors.

Target Audience

Quirko is designed for creative beings of all ages and skill levels who seek to unlock their limitless potential and leave a lasting impactful impression through their artistic expression. Whether you’re an aspiring designer, a skilled DIYer, or simply someone looking to infuse creativity into your daily life, Quirko will provide you with the tools, guidance, and inspiration to embark on your creative journey.

Unique value at Quirko

What sets Quirko apart is the team of highly skilled and accomplished editors who curate and refine the content, ensuring that your experience on the platform is of the highest quality. With a meticulous eye for detail, our editors empower you by selecting only the most valuable and innovative ideas, guiding you towards creative triumph. At Quirko, we understand that every individual is extraordinary in their own right, and we aim to celebrate that individuality by constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Join us at Quirko as we embark on this exhilarating journey of unlocking the creative potential within all of us. Together, let’s embrace our unique vision, infuse originality into every endeavor, and make a mark that will inspire generations to come.

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